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Frequently Asked Questions
How Vet Assistant AI™ Works

Vet Assistant AI™ takes the place of clinic staff and has the dedicated job of contacting your clients to make sure their animal companions have the best care. Your practice can set up an easy-to-use but sophisticated AI bot Contact Flows to call clients and ask interactive questions. Specific client responses can automatically trigger different actions including giving additional information like emailing client handouts. This lets the whole practice better focus on providing care to those who need it right away. Staff can do more immediate tasks and spend less time on the phone. Veterinarians can be confident that all of their patients are receiving follow up every time that precisely aligns with their preferred approach. And if a patient needs care then the contact is automatically flagged and if desired, clients can be directed to contact veterinary staff to schedule in-person appointments.

Our AI bot, with a name of your choosing, can handle all of your patient follow-up calls whether you are a one doctor or 20+ doctor practice and help the entire veterinary team to efficiently determine which patients need a live call. Using our available Contact Flows, written by experienced veterinarians and veterinary nurses, or by creating your own for your practice’s use, you will have a reliable, always available communication tool to show your clients you care. Despite the complexity of a Natural Language AI bot, anyone can easily create a completely custom experience where you can control the questions, possible answers, and what action to then take.

Yes, there are many existing Contact Flows that allow reminder calls to be made for different appointment types. These sophisticated, and if desired interactive reminders are customized to each client automatically and all can be easily edited or new Contact Flows can quickly be made.

Yes, Vet Assistant AI™ can call any patient you want for an unlimited number of reasons including healthy pet check ups, sick pet visits, appointment reminders, patient follow-up, and many more useful communications.

You can add as many clients from one physical practice as you like to your account’s list with no extra charge.

The first 30 days are completely FREE with no obligations. To see subscription options, please go to Settings > Pricing. We estimate that this will save on average 8-16 hours of trained staff time a week or 32-64 hours a week. This represents a savings of on average over $1000 per month plus adds the confidence that calls will be made consistently and all responses recorded in detail automatically. Discounts are automatically applied if you subscribe on a quarterly or yearly basis. There is also a generous referral program that gives the referrer a free month for each veterinarian that signs up for a FREE trial.

There is currently no limit to how many users can be added to an account for one physical practice (one that shares the same street address, phone number, and email address).

At this time, we are not integrated with other veterinary medical software or electronic medical record (EMR) software; however, our simple and easy to use program allows you to enter clients in seconds with minimal information and get automatic calls started. Regular reports are automatically emailed summarizing all conversations. These reports can be downloaded or copied and pasted and quickly added to any existing digital patient records.

Minimal patient contact info is needed to set up and start any Contact Flow®. Thus, there is no need to integrate into your specific medical record software program. Once Contact Flows are complete you may download, email, or copy and paste a report that can easily be attached to any existing digital patient records.

The default best practice contact method is by phone but for users who prefer it, Text/SMS or Web form can be used instead. The client-specific preferred contact method can be selected in contact details.

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We have provided a full library of Contact Flows with the most common statements or questions and responses that a general practice might need. You can use these as is, copy and edit them to make your own custom version, or you can also create your own Contact Flows from scratch. This makes the process fast to get up and running while providing tremendous flexibility to meet your specific practice’s needs.

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Each contact automatically creates a detailed log of the communication with the client. You’ll always know the number called, the time of the call, and the exact things said by both Vet Assistant AI™ and your clients. For calls needing a live staff call back, an email notification will be sent to the veterinary practice email.

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Documents that can be uploaded include brochures, follow up care instructions, and other useful client information in PDF format.

To see how much time is left on your free trial or your subscription, please go to the Settings>Pricing page and choose payment.

We’d hate to see you go, but if you are ready to cancel your subscription, email us from the “Email for Practice’s Account Management” address found at Settings > Practice Info and request to have your account canceled. After a short grace period of 120 days, any contacts and all associated call logs will be deleted permanently and forever.

If you have canceled your subscription and decided to restart within the 120 day grace period - welcome back! Please email us at least three business days before the end of your grace period to have your subscription reinstated.

If you have canceled a monthly subscription, you will continue to have access until the end of the current month and no refund is provided. Any remaining quarterly or annual payments will be prorated (in full, unused month increments) and refunded to the credit card used to make the payment.

All calls made by Vet Assistant AI will display the phone number +1 877-631-2997. Any SMS/text messages sent by the system will display the phone number +1 432-777- 2148. There is no reliable caller ID name that appears currently when the clients receive a call. You can notify your clients that they will be receiving calls and/or texts from the provided numbers, so they can save the numbers to their contacts list under the name Vet Assistant AI, Vet Assistant, or a name of their choosing so they know to answer/reply.
Online Software

Log in and go to Contact Flows. Click on Create New Flow.

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Log in and go to Settings > Practice Info then click on Manage Staff then Add Staff on the upper right side of the screen. You will need to enter a name, email address, and password for the staff member. This will allow them to handle follow up calls with clients that require contact by a live person.

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The contact method can be by audio phone call, Text/SMS or Web form. You can also choose to send emails to your clients using the advanced action option available with any Contact Flow®. To choose between Text/SMS, audio phone call, or Web form, go to your Contacts page and select the pencil edit icon next to the contact. Then select the Edit button in the upper right corner. Select the ”Preferred Contact Method” and then click “Save changes”.
Contact Flow®

The best practice is to have no more than 10-20 which most of the included default Contact Flows follow. However, you may add as many statements or questions as you like, keeping in mind how receptive your clients may or may not be to listening for a long time or answering lots of questions.

Yes! That is why this system is so powerful. We have already provided a full library of Contact Flows with the most common questions and responses that a general practice may need. You can use these templates as is, copy & edit the copy, or you may create your own Contact Flows from scratch. To do this simply log in and go to Contact Flows. Click on Create New Flow and choose your own questions/statements and actions. Or to make a copy, click on the copy icon next to the desired Contact Flow®.

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Calls will be made during the same day within a six hour window of time. You can also set a call for a specific date and time if you prefer. The length between calls varies. You can choose the time between calls on your Settings page under AI Settings.

To insert your AI name, practice name, or similar setting info, simply type the character [ when in the statements or questions editing field and a list of insertable options will appear.

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If you have included a statement that requires no answer, simply click save without including any answer, action, or destination. The Contact Flow® will be complete once the statement is read and the call will end.

You may edit a Contact Flow® at any time. Any changes may need to be saved to take effect. If you are not ready to publish changes for live calls, you may choose to finish it later and save as a draft . Once you save and publish your Contact Flows then all changes will take effect on any future calls that use that flow.

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Yes, set yourself up as a client and trigger the contact to happen for the current date and time or a time a little in the past.

Select a contact and then choose Start new flow. Here you can select which Contact Flow® to use for your patient follow up calls, when the calls should be made and how many times you’d like Vet Assistant AI™ to attempt to reach your clients using the contact method chosen.

Login. Go to Contacts then click on the patient name to then see different Contact Flows and the automatic log for the call, Text/SMS, or Web.

To reach a member of our staff, please email us at or go to the support tab on our website.

There is a grace period of 120 days after cancellation before all data is removed from the database. After the 120 day grace period, any contacts, call logs, or uploaded documents associated with your account are permanently deleted. Data can only be recovered if an account is successfully renewed before the end of the 120 day grace period.